Jezebel - Gordon Kessler

The MC is an animal control officer, but his real job seems to be as an idiot. What is he thinking?

Where did he train, the toilet store?

In other news, I love animals ( 'cept for baboons) but Cujo freaked me when I was a kid.

So I was prepared for possible nightmares before I read it. Naaaah.

Not very frightening, but it was action-packed. Also I realized I was reading to see:

1. what would happen his partner and him

2. whether he would ever figure out what was going on

3. if it was possible I was wrong about what was wrong with him, and he would instead mutate into spider-dog (dog-man? Spider-Dog Man?)

It's not bad. The action scenes are good, and so is the storyline.

Guess this review is kind of mixed. The MC is sort of stupid, maybe more so than intended, but it kind of makes everything else happening more interesting so it's okay.


Read it.