Haunted: A Novel

Haunted - Chuck Palahniuk I remember starting to read it before, but stopping for some reason. I know it wasn't because of the "disgusting bits". Like another reviewer, I have worked as a vet tech. I have helped stuff a prolapsed colon back into a parvo dog. It is hard for me to be grossed out by words. The fact that people have fainted, vomited, etc at the stories only intrigues and amuses me. I never claimed I wasn't twisted, though. :)

I think it was the fact that the characters didn't have their own voices. I remember liking the stories, despite that. So I am giving it another go. I don't expect it to be as awesome as Invisible Monsters, Choke, or Survivor. And I doubt it could be as bad as Diary (Sorry, Chuck, but that was a major disappointment).