Marinade (Wishing Well, #1)

Marinade (Wishing Well, #1) - Rebecca Ratliff

I'm another who doesn't understand the 5 star reviews. To be honest this just wasn't well written. There were a lot of errors, the story itself is somewhat disjointed and the characters were very one-dimensional. I'm giving it 2 stars because I enjoyed Allison's... final scene.

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As for Amanda's final scene, I would think she would have bled out pretty quickly. As in, quicker than the time it took for him to rant and make all those cuts. I'm also surprised neither one of them tried throwing about some bible verses or something once they realized what Daniel was. Lol That would be a logical last minute attempt to save yourself, considering the situation.

So, yeah. This is the basic be-careful-what-you-wish-for themed story. The concept of Daniel and the well seemed interesting, but alas. Some things needed tightening up or just dropped, a few things probably could've been fleshed out more, there was too much tell and not enough show, etc. A good editor definitely would've helped, as well. I'm curious to see how that dude's wish for a bigger penis plays out, but not sure if I'm curious enough to deal with the rest.

I'm sorry for the bad review, it's just... Sigh. Thanks for the free e-book?