The Takers (The Oz Chronicles, #1)

The Takers (The Oz Chronicles, #1) - R.W. Ridley
Wow, I am honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed this.

I guess I would describe this as a YA dystopian horror about a young boy named Oz and his journey to protect a baby and set things right. He is always accompanied by his dog, a german shepherd named Kimball. He meets up with some other humans and a talking Gorilla named Ajax along the way, and together they survive and kick ass, and stuff. The horror is pretty light (at least to an adult) but it is there.

I know, my reviews are the best. LOL

Ok but seriously, there were no animals (besides some humans) killed in this book. I was really worrying about that as soon as I read about his dog. If anything serious had happened to Kimball or Ajax, I probably would've had to quit. Whenever there is a nice animal in a book, I am immediately it's biggest fan. I'm not even playing. I can read about horror and violence against humans, but not animals. That's where I draw my line. Unless the animal is evil or has rabies or some shit. Then screw that.

If you're like me, then you can now relax and read this with the knowledge that this book is safe from animal deaths.

You're welcome.