Zombie Zoology

Zombie Zoology - Tim Curran,  Ted Wenskus,  Hayden Williams,  Eric Dimbleby,  William R.D. Wood,  Wayne Goodchild,  Carl Barker,  Ryan C. Thomas,  J. Gilliam Martin,  Anthony Wedd,  Anthony Giangregorio,  Brian Pinkerton I need to get in the habit of writing reviews right after I finish reading.

Honestly, I've forgotten most of the stories except for the beginning and the end. The first one about the freakin' baboons and the last one about the mosquitoes are what got to me the most. Yikes. If I remember correctly, I had a nightmare. Zombies are the only thing that can do that to me.

...Excluding that one nightmare about Santa Claus. Don't judge me.