Rafe's Rules Don't Work So Well

Rafe's Rules - P.J. Tallis


     I really only had one issue with this, but that issue kept me from giving this 4 stars, because it bothered me so much.




     The character likes to break the 3rd wall repeatedly with awkward and captain-obvious-style explanations. It’s just unnecessary, and the story would be better without. Just show it, dude. No need to tell.



     For example, on the first page:



“She looked up sharply, as if – forgive me if I sound crude, it’s just my style – as if someone in a distant room had farted.”



     That line would have been so much funnier without the middle part. I mean, I still laughed (because, come on, fart jokes) but it would have read better without, you know?


     So yeah. Unfortunately, it hit one of my big pet peeves, otherwise this would have been 4 stars fo’ sho. The MC is kick ass and not fucking around. Well, she does fuck around some, in another way (boom chicka bow wow) but you know what I mean.


     It's still good, though. Read it.