Trouble in Mudbug (Ghost-in-Law, #1)

Trouble in Mudbug (Ghost-in-Law, #1) - Jana Deleon
This is just a 3, because the first half was pretty enjoyable but then what the hell happened towards the ending?

The MC, for the most part, wasn't a pushover by any means and she wasn't a total idiot. That's always a nice change of pace.

Some funny lines:

"I can't believe it either... I didn't know evil incarnate could die."

"Who dressed me like a hooker and shoved me in a coffin?"

"The dead didn't show up to their own funerals and call people assholes."

These are just from the very beginning of the book. Helena is easily the best character.

The problem with this book is the romance and the sappy, totally unbelievable ending, which is really a common thing in romance books, but Christ on a pogo stick -IT SHOULDN"T BE. They know each other for like a week; they only spend maybe an hour together for the first few days, but they're in love at the end? Not to mention that for a good half of the time, the conversations between them can be summed up with Maryse being a bitch (for good reason) and him being patronizing and confused.

Yeah. So, I am torn. I know there are plenty who don't mind the typical romance tropes, so I recommend this to you guys. It's really not bad, for the most part. lol.