The Avenger (Bigler County, #2)

The Avenger (Bigler County, #2) - Jo Robertson
I managed to make it to page 264 before I called it quits.

This is just too stupid, I'm sorry. It starts off pretty interesting but soon enough there are inconsistencies, missing explanations, unrealistic reactions, and too many plot points going on. It's kind of a mess, if I am to be honest.

What probably irks me the most is that the heroine is a freakin' idiot, especially for a professor. Now I'm not saying she isn't allowed some stupid moments but she has few smart ones, know what I mean?

Also, there is no real mystery.

1. It's pretty obvious who the killer is.

2. She has 3 different dudes after her, one of which is Mexican. She gets a "mysterious" phone call from someone calling her a "gringa bitch" and everyone acts clueless about who the caller could be. Seriously?

...Yo no lo recomiendo.