Cry Baby Hollow

Cry Baby Hollow - Aimee Love I didn't get snagged up by any glaring grammar or spelling errors, which tend to stick out like a sore thumb to me. So first, big props for that. Now to the important stuff:

I used to live in East Tennessee. I went joyriding up and down back roads through the mountains. My grandma was born and raised in one of the hollows. No idea if it is still there, but we used to go to the drive in movies (this in early 90s) all the time on the weekends. What I am saying is, the author has the Tennessee backwoods country culture down PAT. I was having flashbacks and missing my grandma, who the character Vina reminded me of. You don't mess around with an old country girl. No joke. Lol

The MC was one tough lady, and I loved it. Loved it. I loved what she did with mailbox and how she handled the situation and I loved how she took care of her own shit. I was maybe slightly disappointed with how she wasn't a bit more suspicious of a couple things, and though the romance wasn't bad, it wasn't what kept me reading the story.

I will tell you this. Barring the werewolves, the whole craziness happening in the hollows she describes? Not an exaggeration. That's how it is. In places like that, everyone pretty much knows everyone if not also being related to everyone. Yes, sometimes in more ways than one. Ew. I know. It's a place of guns, good old boys, family feuds, and a different idea of law. You mess with one person, you've messed with the whole family. It's crazy.

But this book made me miss it a bit. Okay, maybe more than just a bit.

Also, werewolves! Yay!

P.S. If you're from 'round those parts, you pronounce it "holler" not hollow. :P