Saiyuki, Vol. 1

Saiyuki, Vol. 1 - Kazuya Minekura
This will forever be my favorite manga series of all time, even though it will never be finished.

The anime shows you maybe 1/5 of what is going on in the manga. Don't rely on the anime.

For example, Homura and his crew aren't even in the manga. Now, don't get me wrong, I actually liked Homura but they stretched it out for a whole season or something (looks like it's time to watch it again). There's also just a lot of filler in the anime as well.

The Sanzo Party:

Genjyo Sanzo - the cigarette smoking monk with a dirty mouth and a bad attitude

Son Goku - sort of an earth spirit or wild god, the group mascot, innocent but deadly stray picked up by Sanzo

Cho Hakkai - human sinner turned demon, usually plays peace-maker but not innocent like he looks, saved by and roommates with Goyjo

Sha Goyjo - half-demon ladies man and savior/roommate of Hakkai

All of these dudes have some MAJOR issues from the past, even Goku, he just doesn't remember his.

I'm trying not to give away spoilers and I don't remember what the first volume covers, so let me just say that depending on the moment, this series will be funny, profound, and/or dark.

It doesn't really have any light-hearted or fluffy romance. This isn't that kind of manga.

In fact, if you read anything that looks like romance in this series, at the very least it's a trick. Otherwise, prepare for your heart to broken. Don't say I didn't warn you. lol.