Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1)

Darkhouse (Experiment in Terror, #1) - Karina Halle
A very good start. I'm actually not that into Dex, though. I could go into why but I don't want to chance any spoilers.

Unfortunately I'm also not that into most series in general. I just prefer everything to be wrapped up in one book. Especially something with a romance element to it. Despite that, I'm usually willing to give one a try.

So I guess it's just the romance element that's a miss, for me. If this author wrote a straight-up horror novel, I'd definitely want to read it. And then I would probably have nightmares afterwards.

Excluding the climax scene in the lighthouse (which I felt was too over the top), the horror scenes in this were well done. Especially that scene at the end with Creepy Clown Lady. Christ. Like I needed that paranoia. Thanks a lot. Screw you, Creepy Clown Lady. Screw you.

I don't honestly think I will continue this series, but that's not because of having any issues with the book. It's just based on my personal tastes. The romantic situation just isn't my thing, plus the next book seems to be about shape-shifters which I love, but don't find scary at all.

So with that said, if you like romance and/or horror and you don't mind a series then I definitely recommend this book.