Eternal Hearts (Eternal #2) - Jennifer Turner

The MC heroine is nothing like Logan from the first book. She is emotionally all over the place. Let's put it this way. If I decided to make up a drinking game where I took a shot every time Toni started crying over something, I would be completely shit-faced before I made it halfway through the book. Yes, she cries that much.

She's over emotional and touchy feely and everyone just loves her so so much.

Are you gagging yet?

I liked Drake better but I found the whole romance between them pretty lacking. I don't know how to say it. It's like the obstacles were under exaggerated and they moved through them too easily and quickly.

I'd give an example but I don't want to spoil anything. I am just chalking this book up to second-book-itis and I'm still looking forward to the next in the series because of how much I loved the first book and the world building.

I really want to see what the author does with Oktober, and I really hope the heroine isn't on an emotional teeter totter like Toni.