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The Witch (War-N-Wit, Inc., #1)

The Witch (War-N-Wit, Inc., #1) - Gail Roughton MMmmeeeeh.

This is called War-n-Wit on my Kindle Cloud. Weird. It's the same cover, though. I guess the title was changed at some point.

It wasn't bad, and wasn't great either. Averagely (if this isn't a word, it is now) good?

Yeah. That's it.

I'm not a fan of "destined to be" or "past life soul mate" type romances to begin with, so if that isn't your cup of tea either, you'll probably just want to carry on, my wayward son.

Maybe it was the lack of explosions or crazy sex?

Idk, dudes and lady-dudes. Idk.

Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1

Slow Burn - Bobby Adair

You know what? If the zombies come, I am not saving SHIT. I'm not saving you, your puppy, your mama, nada.

Not because I don't care (I will cry over the puppy), but because ZOMBIES. And in that kind of shit-meets-fan situation where the world is ending, we're all better off dead anyways, right?

So no worries. I will probably be joining you soon, anyways. Haha.

But yeah, good luck with all that, Zed and friend... Good luck.

I would just like to clarify that I would probably do my damndest to save MY mama, but she shot me out of her vagina and therefore earned it.

Also, I will probably be the first to die and/or turn in the event of a zombie apocalypse so this is a moot point.

Sea Sick

Sea Sick - Iain Rob Wright
This was good, and I wish I could explain why there are only 3 stars, but I can't without a bunch of spoilers. Let's just say I don't like the revealed reason for an important part of the plot. Then there is the fact that I cannot decide whether I am pissed at the main character or at the ending more. I'm going to go with both. lol


I remember reading somewhere once that it would actually be horrible to be invincible because even though you couldn't be killed, you would still feel the pain. And if you kept getting "mortally" injured and surviving situations that would normally kill a person, you would quickly go bat-shit insane from the psychological trauma.

It makes perfect sense, when you think about it. Just imagine if you were immortal, too, and didn't even get a peaceful release by death from old age.

Where I am going with this is, if I was in a ground-hog day type of situation where the day kept repeating itself, a day where I am getting torn apart by "28 Days Later" style zombies and my only other option is to hide out in my cabin or a jail cell I would head the crazy route pretty quickly, I think.


It's not bad, it just pissed me off.

Hell Hounds Are For Suckers (Vampires of San Francisco, #2)

Hell Hounds Are For Suckers (Vampires of San Francisco, #2) - Jessica McBrayer
Let me preface this by saying this was a free ebook, so it's not like I held great expectations, Pip.

I couldn't finish it. I tried, I really did. I made it up to 70%.

There are grammar issues and incomplete sentences. The dialogue is very stilted and the writing in general is confusing.

Don't tell me a character is a tough person who never cries and then immediately have her sobbing next, that's not how it works. I know it's a novella and there's limited space, but I feel like there was enough room to show her as tough, beforehand, in order for her crying to actually have some impact. You know what, though? That doesn't even matter, because the characters' reactions are all over the place anyway. At least up to where I quit.

And what's up with all the hissing? Is the MC secretly an angry cat? Once or twice is okay, but she does it several times for no good reason that I could find.

Dead Bait

Dead Bait - David Dunwoody,  Tim Curran,  Ron Lemming,  Eric Hermanson,  Mark Zibel,  Aaron Polson
WTF am I doing? I already have a deep water phobia. I doubt this is going to improve the situation.

Gilded Destiny (Vesper, #1)

Gilded Destiny (Vesper, #1) - Nola Sarina
I don't know how to describe this. Just read it.It's sort of vampirey but then again, not.

The author has balls for ending it like they did, and not taking the easy way out. That's all I shall say.

Cry Baby Hollow

Cry Baby Hollow - Aimee Love I didn't get snagged up by any glaring grammar or spelling errors, which tend to stick out like a sore thumb to me. So first, big props for that. Now to the important stuff:

I used to live in East Tennessee. I went joyriding up and down back roads through the mountains. My grandma was born and raised in one of the hollows. No idea if it is still there, but we used to go to the drive in movies (this in early 90s) all the time on the weekends. What I am saying is, the author has the Tennessee backwoods country culture down PAT. I was having flashbacks and missing my grandma, who the character Vina reminded me of. You don't mess around with an old country girl. No joke. Lol

The MC was one tough lady, and I loved it. Loved it. I loved what she did with mailbox and how she handled the situation and I loved how she took care of her own shit. I was maybe slightly disappointed with how she wasn't a bit more suspicious of a couple things, and though the romance wasn't bad, it wasn't what kept me reading the story.

I will tell you this. Barring the werewolves, the whole craziness happening in the hollows she describes? Not an exaggeration. That's how it is. In places like that, everyone pretty much knows everyone if not also being related to everyone. Yes, sometimes in more ways than one. Ew. I know. It's a place of guns, good old boys, family feuds, and a different idea of law. You mess with one person, you've messed with the whole family. It's crazy.

But this book made me miss it a bit. Okay, maybe more than just a bit.

Also, werewolves! Yay!

P.S. If you're from 'round those parts, you pronounce it "holler" not hollow. :P


Ambasadora - Heidi Ruby Miller,  Jenna Bennett,  Bradley Sharp
Well, well, well.... Consider me impressed!

The sci-fi genre is hit or miss with me, and these days it's mostly miss. But surprisingly this is good. Very good.

I am a happy little bookworm at the moment.

Read it, people.

Writings on an Ethical Life

Writings on an Ethical Life - Peter Singer I remember trying to read this before, and while I thought it was thought provoking, I also found it repetitive even though I hadn't even gotten very far along. I will try this again though, as I do realize it's just a collection of essays.

Marinade (Wishing Well, #1)

Marinade (Wishing Well, #1) - Rebecca Ratliff

I'm another who doesn't understand the 5 star reviews. To be honest this just wasn't well written. There were a lot of errors, the story itself is somewhat disjointed and the characters were very one-dimensional. I'm giving it 2 stars because I enjoyed Allison's... final scene.

photo image_zps8fa7417e.jpg

As for Amanda's final scene, I would think she would have bled out pretty quickly. As in, quicker than the time it took for him to rant and make all those cuts. I'm also surprised neither one of them tried throwing about some bible verses or something once they realized what Daniel was. Lol That would be a logical last minute attempt to save yourself, considering the situation.

So, yeah. This is the basic be-careful-what-you-wish-for themed story. The concept of Daniel and the well seemed interesting, but alas. Some things needed tightening up or just dropped, a few things probably could've been fleshed out more, there was too much tell and not enough show, etc. A good editor definitely would've helped, as well. I'm curious to see how that dude's wish for a bigger penis plays out, but not sure if I'm curious enough to deal with the rest.

I'm sorry for the bad review, it's just... Sigh. Thanks for the free e-book?

The Girl and the Genie

The Girl and the Genie - E. M. Lilly It's a cute little romance. I don't really know what else to say.

Oh, and they're both idiots.

The End

Leashed (Going to the Dogs, #1)

Leashed (Going to the Dogs, #1) - Zoe  Dawson Too cute and sickeningly sweet for me. GAG.

But I'm sure it's the perfect fluffy romance for most people. Just... too fluffy and unrealistic for my tastes, I guess. I enjoyed reading about the dogs though.

A Thing For Zombies

A Thing For Zombies - Saul Tanpepper Good going, dude.

It's hard to do a review on this story without giving anything away.

All I am going to say is that the MC is the idiot of all idiots. If you're curious to know wtf I am talking about, then read this story.

The Vampire Underground (Grisly High Trilogy #1)

The Vampire Underground (Grisly High Trilogy #1) - Brian  Rowe
This was surprisingly good. I mean, the fact alone that it's a teen horror WITHOUT all the romance makes it a beautiful thing.

So yeah. I recommend this. Even though the mc doesn't like horror films, which I just cannot understand.
Eternal Hearts (Eternal #2) - Jennifer Turner

The MC heroine is nothing like Logan from the first book. She is emotionally all over the place. Let's put it this way. If I decided to make up a drinking game where I took a shot every time Toni started crying over something, I would be completely shit-faced before I made it halfway through the book. Yes, she cries that much.

She's over emotional and touchy feely and everyone just loves her so so much.

Are you gagging yet?

I liked Drake better but I found the whole romance between them pretty lacking. I don't know how to say it. It's like the obstacles were under exaggerated and they moved through them too easily and quickly.

I'd give an example but I don't want to spoil anything. I am just chalking this book up to second-book-itis and I'm still looking forward to the next in the series because of how much I loved the first book and the world building.

I really want to see what the author does with Oktober, and I really hope the heroine isn't on an emotional teeter totter like Toni.

Eternal Seduction (Eternal #1)

Eternal Seduction (Eternal #1) - Jennifer Turner
This book... THIS BOOK. It is too damn good. I came across it in my kindle today and remembered it all in my head,

and suddenly


(Yes, ladies can get book-boners)

You know what that means. I'm totally going to read this again.

Well, I love anti-heroes so when I come across a good anti-heroine, I am ecstatic. I can't help it.

Everyone, read this book.

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